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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Dragon Update "New Years Update"

Happy New Year from Germany

I made you one last update this year, filled with some bugfixes, changes and little additions you may like.

This Update was primarily aimed at fixing RLVa which has become broken of the several past releases because RLVa wasn't ever updated again, i merged all the latest available sunshine external RLVa changes and went through code trying to get as much to work as possible, i made a few test runs with it via TiS and so far it worked, i can't promise it won't cause problems tho. We'll see.

Other things include an option to show the merchant inbox/outbox in inventory (needs relog) and a bunch of fixes to problems reported. Conversations shortcut was fixed (CTRL + T now), freezes on entering/leaving Mouselook have been massively reduced/fixed, the script editor window has been Niran-ified again, some new icons for the Navbar parcel properties have been done and changing the controls layout doesn't require a relog anymore. I might also take a look at fully rebind-able controls in the future.

Happy new year and stay tuned for more updates in 2015!



Added: Made some new parcel property icons.
Added: Option to toggle if we want to see Merchant Outbox/Inbox folders in our inventory.
Changed: Move damage icon in navbar to the far left of all icons.
Changed: Script Editor layout.
Changed: Made Keyboard controls loadable without relog.
Fixed: Conversations shortcut.
Fixed: Massive double code removal and code fixes all over the place to make it compile with the latest RLVa merge.
Fixed: Original object name is still visible while renaming objects.
Fixed: A warning in floater_world_map.xml
Fixed: A warning in menu_viewer.xml.
Fixed: 1-2 second freezes when entering/leaving Mouselook with hide UI disabled.
Removed: Double RLVa entries after RLVa merge.
Removed: Doubles in notifications after RLVa merge.
Removed: Cleaned up About Black Dragon floater a bit.
Removed: Last Snapshot created when logging out or getting disconnected, we don't use it anyway. (We also crash on dc anyway so we won't ever see it)
Removed: Code call to unused SnapshotConfigURL.
Removed: Ripped out hopefully all leftovers of the Topinfobar (minilocationbar).
Removed: Some html folder leftovers.
Merge with RLVa Sunshine

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