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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Progress Update to 2.4 (#6)

Aaand another bunch of changes, still mainly focused on the Inventory.

Good news tho, looks like i'm done for now, the Inventory looks pretty now, all sliders are properly aligned, all re-sizing issues should be fixed and the Marketplace inbox is now also prettier.

Have a look:

The question is, will i ever get done with this? This question will forever stay a mystery i guess!

Here's the list of changes since the last changelog update:

Dragon #26: Changed: Default skin colors slightly.
Dragon #26: Changed: Background color of flat_list_views.
Dragon #26: Added: Floater shadow background texture.
Dragon #26: Added: Navigationbar background texture.
Added: image_overlay_alignment attribute to buttons so we know it exists without looking into code.
Changed: Rip out the entire account balance system and transplant it to the Inventory floater.
· Changed: Entirely realigned and mostly redesigned the entire Inventory floater.
· Changed: Realigned and swapped the inbox panel button image for something less ugly.
· Changed: Default Inventory size, made it slightly smaller.
· Added: Account balance display to Inventory.
· Fixed: Scrollbar offsets of all Inventory panels.
Changed: Make all Inventory panel widgets our given XML values a bit more.
Changed: Made scrollbar widget and background slightly smaller to fit better with the rest of the widgets.
Changed: Realigned People floater for a cleaner look.
Changed: Slightly realigned several Preferences floater panels to prevent the scollbars from being cut off.
Changed: Widget background colors (has no effect).
Fixed: Accordion scrollbars having a slight offset from top/bottom.
Removed: Old navbar background textures.
Removed: Old 'Colors' tab in Preferences which is not used anymore.


  1. Niran, doing a search in the Appearance floater freezes my computer for many, many seconds. I do have a lot of outfits, but I have way more inventory, and that search is lightning fast. What's up with that, and can you fix it in 2.4?

    1. I cannot reproduce your issue, searching my outfits goes just as fast as searching my inventory, it freezes the viewer for a split second when clearing the search bar and when showing the contents of all outfits for the very first time which is absolutely normal and cannot really be fixed as the Viewer suddenly has to create many, up to thousand+ inventory item list widgets causing a little lag spike for a very short moment.

      I guess you are just seeing a bad combination of your Inventory loading (which causes freezes) and many more (than i have) inventory item list widgets being created. I don't know how many outfits you got and how many objects are contained in each and in total but either your PC is drastically slower or you are having a very unlucky combination of multiple lag spikes at once (like mentioned before) or you just have a whole shitload more of outfits that i imagine you do. Even if i knew it was there and even if i could reproduce it, i wouldn't be able to fix it. It's problem caused by core elements of the UI that would need a major redo (or at least some very hacky approach) to fix this issue (as example slowly 'streaming' in your outfits like the inventory does which however would cause mini lag spikes over a longer time).