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Monday, April 21, 2014

Black Dragon and TPVD


Here we go.
Black Dragon and it's in TPVD. Eat that all you guys who said "this shit will never go TPV"!

GG and thanks to everyone. NOW GO AWAY, i need to secretly work on 2.4. I-i mean..*caugh* a rest... i need a rest.

Watch the Video of what this Version is capable of (if you know how to enable it :P and thanks to Tofu Buzzard AGAIN, he's doing a great job with these things. This feature was done by him too.)

And have some pictures of it aswell...


  1. I must be missing something I can't see the lovely rays lol.

  2. http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/alternative-sl-clients/94129-black-dragon-viewer.html#post1929505

    Keep in mind that it is hidden like that because it is far from done.

  3. Ok, I was able to activate the new godray feature. But each time an object is exactly in one line with my camera and the sun, the object is rendered as phantom image in the air.

    It looks like this: example picture.

    Do you have any suggestion on how I can avoid this?

  4. Thank you Niran, and maybe I will hold off, I am just curious, I wanna full potato it, specially now I have gone up to 16GB 2400 RAM :P

  5. Congrats on making the TPVD list! I'm excited to see this ray effect take flight as well. Cool stuff.

  6. Replies
    1. Don't you dare to recommend Photoshit on my blog ... or.. i-i.. I WILL DOWNGRADE YOUR GFX!!!11!1!!

  7. Yeahhh...using Photoshop to edit one of my snapshots is just very unsettling to me IMO. Also the ray thing isn't even finished yet so its too soon to be messing around with it, asking how to fix things...We just need to wait. Impatiently maybe...but wait still XD

  8. Photoshop....EW. Anyways considering the ray thing isn't even ready yet and hidden, the best solution that can be suggested @ Maddy is to hang on till it is. THEN chat about bugs, ya?...ya XD

  9. "...the best solution that can be suggested @ Maddy is to hang on till it is."

    That's exactly what I'll do. With my question I just wanted to check whether there is a quick fix for this. The answer of Niran was a bit complicated (something like "... I have fixed the error by skipping the first 3 calculation states of shadow rendering in the shaders ...").

    For this reason, I will wait until everything goes the way it was intended. :)

  10. My virus program detect a virus in slplugin.exe. Hmm Niran but virus in viewer?

    1. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2669837cd8a9c90f2a4103d171e7eeca7063ac305569469c81b2feb82a53b321/analysis/1398519211/

      Unpacked the zip i uploaded and scanned the SLVoice.exe

      You should do a test yourself with your own SLVoice.exe to be sure these are the same.

  11. love the new 'black/chrome u are able to achieve ,, ( thats what I see).. ocean reflect.. work in progress