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Monday, October 28, 2013

2.3.4 Alpha

DOOOODS. Facebook!

It's implemented! Totally not of interest, let's start with something way more interesting.

RLVa is NOT implemented yet but will be with the next update which i will release as soon as i implement it and it will contain nothing else, no bugfixes no nothing, just RLVa.

So what's new in 2.3.4 you ask?

Quick rundown time.
I added Qarls Aligning tool, the ability to derender Objects and Avatars, derender Fullbrights and as mentioned above the Facebook Connect feature aswell as a WIP Even Recorder.


Last update i added the Greyscale and Posterization post effect, now i added the Sepia post effect and made all 3 easily adjustable via the Machinima Sidebar which now includes 3 sliders to set the strength for Greyscale, Sepia and how Posterized your picture should be! AWESOME.

This update should also contain LL's AMD crashfix.

User Interface:

I fixed the onscreen build information beeing occluded by my Topbar (moved those informations a bit down), fixed some disalignments after Facebook merge, tweaked some other places, cleaned up the main menu a bit and....

MADE A TOTALLY NEW PREFERENCES WINDOW! Not technically but visually.

I think these do explain themself, don't they?

Note that you will find many options beeing greyed out (not working yet) and many others still missing. That's intentional because, checking them all, adding, removing and totally redoing a whole floater like this takes time and feedback.

Did you also notice that i changed the Friendlist? it looks smaller, more compact and still shows all the information you need, just the voice indicator is still WIP which is just a grey square around each profile picture.

Also the CHUI message panel opens to the left now, it was annoying that CHUI was designed to be used on the left side instead of the right where it belongs like all private messages.

Last but not least, Pie Menus. We all love them. They are fast, look fancy at times and don't produce as much eyecancer as their ugly, boring grey dropdown counterpart.


Have fun,


2.3.4 Alpha

Added: Missing Event Recorder and Facebook menu entries.
Added: Sepia Post effect, overhauled the Shadermanager code, upgraded Greyscale and Sepia with the ability to be modified in strength
Added: Qarls Aligning Tool.
Added: Pie Menu as optional inworld right click type.
Added: Ability to de-render Objects, Attachments and Avatars.
Added: Menu entries to disable/derender Fullbright types.
Removed: Unused and not available Features in the Main Menu.
Changed: IM Container opens to the left now instead of the right making it very viable for putting it into the right lower corner while Local Chat is in the left lower corner.
Changed: AvatarRotateThresholdSlow to 2 by default.
Changed: Appearance of Avatarlistitems in Friendlist. Made them smaller and more compact. New Voice indicators are still WIP.
Changed: Preferences Layout, organized and categorized everything.
Changed: Machinima Sidebar layout, reorganized it a bit, added more clues on what needs what and added a few more tweakable Options.
Fixed: Navbar buttons having the default hover icon as background when hovering them.
Fixed: Secure Browsing icon in Webfloater and made it a bit more appealing size wise.
Fixed: Facebook login page beeing crazily disaligned.
Fixed: Disaligned Snapshot selection buttons after merge.
Fixed: Build onscreen information display beeing occluded by the Topbar.
Fixed: Windlight Animator having problems to compile after merge with Bear.
Merged: 3.6.8 Bear
Merged: 3.6.9 Release
Merged: 3.6.10 Release


  1. Thank for de-render! i was going batty without it!

    Is there somewhere i can read about 'color correction' linear or none? what technically is happening with the settting?

  2. And.. is there no 'graphics' tab in preferences? setting performance to ultra? hardware settings?

  3. I'm sorry for making so many separate comments, suppose i should have waiting and combined all.

    But I really wanted to comment on the new preferences and Machinima Sidebar, from my prospective as a photographer

    When i do a photosession, or a wedding, i need to first switch to ultra graphics. Of course there was no better way before than the old Niran's where user settings could be saved, but prior to this release, it was pretty much standard Linden viewer style. The Machinima side bar is unquie and WAS great for shooting, making it easy to pop it open, switch of DOF for a shot adjust, take a shot then switch off. This new style, with the 2 expandable panes, then the 'tree menu' options, then move to another section for those adjustments, well, I really feel this is a pretty major step backwards from how you had it. And now there isn't even any longer a simple way to click onto Ultra settings anymore.. I know this is a works in progress, and you do what you want to do, but using this viewer as a tool for my job, this update is like 10 steps back. I am going to have to uninstall this and go back to your previous version. I do hope this will not end up being the final UI layout going foward

  4. 1. Those "expandable panes" are a leftover of my previous plans to put Preferences completely into the Sidebar. However, except a few pixels (3-5 pixels if at all) more space usage, nothing, absolutely nothing has happened here. You always had to tick major options in the first "section" and finetune stuff in the second "section"

    2. There are no "Ultra" settings. Ultra is a definition that doesnt exist since SL can always go higher than what you call high, very high, ultra or even the maximum. Low, Medium, High and so on are just simplificated words to translate otherwise un-understandable numbers into something understandable or atleast something that makes sense to a certain degree and gives a basic idea about what you are changing and into what direction.

    3. Saving and Loading settings is a planned feature but its very low priority since it was very hacky and extremly buggy at times.

    4. Making these "tree" like option chains was necessary to give people an idea what is needed when and for what so people don't stupidly click around each option and hope for it to work just to find out it doesn't work, bugging me with unnecessary questions why something wont work when the answer is simple "You can't have shadows if you don't even have Deferred active yet."

    5. Style limitations in my Sidebar makes designing certain options in there a challenging task, i can't just go in there and put thousands of dropdowns for options like reflections and shadows, because the Sidebar was designed to contain sliders and checkboxes only, for simplicity reasons, such personal limitations also limit the way how you can design something, i could have added 5 checkboxes below each other for reflections and another 3 below that for shadows alone but that would have increased the length of the first "section" extremly, hence why i took the tree approach which gives you an idea which options are connected with each other and in what way also it saves space to a certain degree compared to other methods(like in the example of putting all checkboxes below each other).

    6. Keep in mind that my UI is designed with a 1920x1080 screen resolution with which you shouldn't have any big problems with scrolling alot. I've put very often used options to the top and less used ones (like LoD options) to the bottom for a reason.

    7. This IS mostly the final UI layout regarding the Machinima Sidebar since it was taken fron Nirans Viewer and theres is not much that could be done better there.

    8. Going back to previous version won't help anyone, especially not yourself since that means that you happily go without any sort of support if you do so. There is no support (other than "Update your Viewer.") for any other version other than the most current one that also includes that all your bug reports, crash reports, problem reports and suggestions can and will be ignored since they are not based on the most current version which might already contain fixes and or changes regarding these things.

    Other than that, i see no problem here using the Sidebar and Preferences as they are now, i use those every day. Alot and the new layout didn't change my behavior, how i handle finetuning, in any way.

  5. ok, ty Niran. One question though has me thinking regarding the 'low-ultra' graphics. In the app settings there are xml files for each of these settings to trigger different levels of performance in debug settings. If we no long select a "ultra" how is this triggered or will it know when to pull from that xml file?

    1. *whispers* ....you shouldn't have snooped in there....now i have to silence you...*gets a strap-on and whip*

      Uh i mean... this option is deprecated. Deprecated as in, it works since i havn't removed the code yet, i just removed the UI slider to toggle that Debug, the reason for that is simple, its confusing, its broken, its bugging and its unnecessary by all means. If you use it, its your own fault if anything breaks or becomes unavailable like it was in the past where lots of options were permanently greyed out because you touched this option.