Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Release 2.0.8 (2432)

As always , clear cache ( , settings and viewer folder aswell if you´re coming from pre 2.0.7 versions)

User Interface:

The "Special Thanks" page in About Viewer was updated , i forgot that last time ... i updated the HTTP Textures tooltip which still said "its broken" which shouldnt be the case anymore atlast not that hard as it was before =D

The useless "Resolution Divisor" has been removed because its useless and the Fog Distance in general graphic settings have been fixed , previously they were disabled by Fog Distance (yes by itself) and controlled Vertex Shader (causing all graphics to go up n down) , apart from that i translated the cloud noise selection and added the Animation Speed menu into Advanced in which you can control ALL animations , not just your own , it will (yes it will really do) change the speed of everyone´s animations by 10% steps , you should try it :P


I included a new daycycle with all its presets made by Penny Patton , she said its made for the new "Layered" cloud noise image , try them out!

Mouse-Steering Mode:

I had some feedback on the Always-On-Mouse-Steering Mode and i´ve tried to implement all suggestions as far as possible , on the way i "overhauled" the whole Mode , it will not use a hacked mouselook code anymore , instead it will use the original Mouse-Steering code which is used when you left-click hold on your own avatar , that means that you will not be able to open menus with right click anymore BUT you will be able to HOLD right mouse button to make the cursor appear and interact with the UI (usefull for quick rezzing or inventory management , attaching and all that stuff). It also feels smoother and faster now and its shortcut is now bound to "V" instead of Alt + F1 , that makes it even easier to toggle in and out of Mouse-Steering Mode. There are still 2 things i couldnt get to work yet , first... crosshairs... no matter what i do , no matter how i calculate the middle of the screen.. it never shows up or if it shows up it has a few 100´s pixel offset which is just crap. Second , your camera will always "reset" whenever you move , thats kind of annoying because it will counter your Y axis making your camera "normalize" to a straight forward look as long as you move and this will make looking up/down harder when you´re moving (probably the only thing it DOESNT use of the original Mouse-Steering code). If someone finds the part of code that is doing this , please tell me.


I cleaned up some XML files here and there , aligned them a bit for better viewing please even tho probably no one will ever see them , also removed some empty lines in code and all that other clean up stuff... you know..

Sounds that were played "locally" where flagged as User Interface sounds , that means they were unhearable if you (like me) mute the UI , which is really dumb , so i changed it back to normal sounds , local and inworld sounds will now be both muted again when you mute normal Sounds (might change that to something neutral so local sounds can be heared ALWAYS except SL is muted completely)




reduced HD cloud noise image size to 1024x1024
cleaned up some XML and code files
changed shortcut key for Mouse-Steering Mode to just "V"
simplified the splashscreen a bit more (smaller)
simplified the mouse-steering mode to use internal camera code
updated Special Thanks page
updated the HTTP tooltip
added Penny Patton's new "Fantasy Overworld" daycycle made for layered cloud noise
added Delete/Refresh buttons for settings presets
added Animation Speed menu to Advanced menu
added ability to right click hold to show cursor in mouse-steering mode
removed Resolution Divisor from preferences
removed "uninstall.bat" due to rumors that its not allowed to share "bat" files
fixed Fog Distance disabling/enabling Vertex Shader
fixed local played sounds beeing counted as UI sounds instead of normal sounds
fixed cursor not re-appearing after mouse-steering is disabled
translated cloud noise selection


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  2. Can you set the lower draw distance limit to 0 to allow it to clear various graphics glitches without a restart?

    1. Maybe. I dont see any "glitch" that could be solved with setting Draw Distance to 0 , especially not because the Viewer doesnt seem to throw out stuff it doesnt see , Fullbright is a good example , setting DD to 0 doesnt force objects to reload which would result in your Fullbright toggle taking effect.

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  4. Where is the animation speed menu? I can't find it in any new place.

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    1. "You never replied."

      NiranV Dean Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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    1. Either comment or leave it. But constantly deleting your comments gets rather annoying!

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  9. OK, found the problem.
    When the vehicle is created using as the route prim a sculpted prim, the problem arises.
    As sson as the engine is placed on a reg prim and that becomes the route prim, none of the vehicles will loose parts.
    So it seems that all vehicles will have to have the route prim as a simple reg 1!
    As we already build all making sure that the route prim is a reg prim, i just have to adapt some of my old builds.
    Still hope LL will fix this 1!

  10. And now that i can use it i can confirm that this version is the one where textures rezz amuch faster and also much more nitid, the tweeks make it perfect and with latest Nvidia drivers released just 2 days ago, it flies even with shadows on extrema dna ll at lutra or supreme, avarage 20 fps using 260 draw distance on a sim with at least 30 avatars:)

  11. Hello Niran, just installed the viewer, and trying to find where I can configure the viewer to enter opensim grids, is it possible? I was told that your viewer is able to 'see' meshes with the deformer and also to upload meshes. Appreciate your info about this. Many thanks

    Isis Ophelia