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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Release 2.0.5 (2346)

NOTE: You have to REDO your settings to see my new SSAO , DoF , Shadow and Glow settings BUT only if you changed them which you MOST LIKELY did!

oh yesh its the time again... i mean basically its twice the time because last week i didnt do a release...
i was busy with playing Dark Souls and too lazy to release =D


Beta and alot of lost or missed stuff has been merged/remerged , the Viewer should be pretty up to date again with CoreHTTP (Project HTTP) , Firestorms crashfix collection , and generally some other stuff that i dont remember anymore (its still alot!)

ATTENTION: German users only , please report ANY floater , panel , menu , screen etc which you found has turned to english , this is a "bug" that came from the new LL code changing something in the skinning system which seems to alter the way those translation xmls are loaded , i´ll investigate that and try to fix it!
In meantime please make a list of everything you found and tell me or give it to me via NC!

User Interface:

Not much change here , the differences are hidden in details , like an additional color picker to select the object selection rectangle color (which is by default yellow/orange/brown) and some hidden work on the Login screen which can now also login by pressing Enter key (only if you´ve selected the password entry)


The biggest changes have been done here =D , we all missed the super duper mega ultra better SSAO of Tofu which was so much smoother and finer and i brought it back into my Viewer! Thats not all yet , i also asked him for his SSR (Screen Space Reflections) feature which i also implemented for you to test, BUT , WORDS OF ADVISE , this feature is by FAR not done and is 5 times as ineffective as necessary (like Tofu said) so expect extreme performance drops! ... AND he also made a fix for the Atmospheric Haze not working in Deferred (it didnt for years now)

(Left is Atmospheric Haze in Deferred not working || right has working Atmospheric Haze)

Screen Space Reflectins produce a nice look , they ONLY work in Deferred!

I´ve also implemented the tiling/seams fix of Runatai for high res snapshots , but please be carefull with it , it will make you unable to make super snapshots. Your video card will render as much as it can and save it into a picture so if your video card cant handle a 6000x3306 pictures like i often did before , it will just render what it can and the rest will be black , in this case you will have to go down with the resolution until you hit one that your video card can handle , but now that you can use all graphic settings + antialiasing without having seams or tiling issues , you wont need to go up that much anymore anyway.

taken in 3840x2116

Overall i´ve redone the SSAO , Depth of Field , Glow and Shadow settings for a better default and nicer look , next time i´ll also include the new Tone Mapping defaults which will make the picture a bit more colorfull than the previous defaults did. Note to those that say "Tone Mapping looks dull" , ALL , without exception , ALL my pictures you see here are done with Tone Mapping active. Clouds as example have an extra volumetric look


Not sure about Performance , it should have decreased a whole bunch due to better SSAO and my new Shadow settings and additional rendering due to wroking Atmospheric Haze now but as you can see Image quality has been drastically increased!


Things of interest:

My Viewer parcel where you can test Screen Space Reflections
SLUniverse Topic about unreasonable users and TPV devs



merged Beta Code
added ability to color Object highlights (needs restart)
added new Boost libs
added Tofu´s Better SSAO shaders
added Tofu´s Screen Space Reflections
added Option to toggle SSR
added CoreHTTP (HTTP Project) (Beta merge)
added a secret login screen (not yet done)
added right click 'copy SLURL' option to landmarks
fixed On Off On Off achievement only triggering with attached light option
fixed High Res seams/tiling issue
fixed some shaders and the pipeline a bit
fixed lots of Crash (Beta merge)
fixed german translation in some areas
tweaked Shadow and Shadow Blur settings
tweaked SSAO settings massively
tweaked Depth of Field settings minimaly
tweaked Glow settings minimaly
increased Curl handles to 386 to counter curl fails for a while
toned down water reflection glow massively
renamed some windlight presets for more consistency
updated Special Thanks page


  1. Hmmm, I cleared my settings and I was able to see deferred rendering menu *as normal* but when I went to go try out screen space reflections deferred rendering turns off but its left as checked and the menu cannot come out

    1. Log please.
      C:\Users\Niran\AppData\Roaming\Nirans Viewer\logs
      Nirans Viewer.log
      upload it somewhere -> Forum as example.

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  3. After 1 full day using this latest version, with a visit to your's support house, i can see where space reflections work and be sure it is an amazing and astonishing feature!
    All the avatar details are much more detailed when using it!
    The drops in fps when using it with all settings at max (even shaodows on the higest setting) + (And i really dont care about your feeling about it) forced hardware to use 16HqAA, are not significant on my ssytem, in fact it looks like this version runs faster even with space refelctions enabled (without it it flys and if defered rendering is unchecked then more then 130 fps with 260 draw distance is commun!).
    Again i will repeat above:
    This version is the 1st one where both me and my love could use media and see quick time movies!
    I know you never bother to figure the problem that many reported, now its fixed, so even if im sure you will not care, a lot will do!
    (Yes i still think personally you are a abnoxious person, that i would rather not speak at all, but i cant avoid dealing with the one that makes the best viewer, so...)
    Didnt find any bug that prevents me to recomend ALL to change to this version Asap!

  4. Minor glitch - don't really care about it - but now I see the movie play bar at the bottom of the login screen and the upper left menu is clipped ... movie scaled too big??? or I am just going insane?

    1. no , thats right... remainings from my "secret" login project... still isnt done yet >.>

  5. As my loved one moved also to this version we can confirm all the above.
    Drop in fps with shadows set to high and using space reflections + all the shinny and ultra settings is barely noticable!
    Really improves the way avatars look, using just the reg Linden daycycle,making it the perfect viewer for the lovemaking!
    With shadows on extreme, fps drops is , as it should, a big one, still manage to ride more then 100 sims (LL is really improving crossing sims at least on the Corisca continent, L'e tigre server)with draw distance set to 190m and avarage fps 19!
    Again, as now also my love can testify, Quick time media is playing as it should!
    So now i think i can say, that NIran's is aproaching perfection!
    If not as a human being at least as a viewer!

  6. Having a strange issue- I can't find the option to set high resolution snapshots anywhere. Even the debug setting is absent. I'd love to test the tiling fix but I'm unable to change the snapshot size from my native resolution (1920x1080). I don't know if it's a hardware issue or not- I'm using an nvidia gtx 460 with 1GB of vram.

    I also don't see a "close" button anywhere on the machinima sidebar, and can't get it to go away.

    Everything else is much improved! The new SSAO looks amazing.

  7. High Res Snapshot was broken and removed. Just click "Save to Disk" select Custom Resolution in the resolution dropdown , type in a custom width/height and click the refresh button and save it.

    Theres no close button. Press F1 or go to NV - Usefull Features - Machinima Sidebar or click the coresponding Machinima Sidebar button in your toolbars (by default on the left side)

  8. Funny, as it rounds the time for an update that I find myself checking the site every day to see whats new. lol