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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Material System.

As some of you might have seen or heard or read in my group , Second Life´s blog or some other blogs like Echt Virtuell , Living in a Modem World etc , Linden Labs officially announced the long awaited Material system, its going to happen (not that we didnt knew that already) finally! , this means we will be able to add custom Normal and Specular Maps adding even more details and more detailed details (yup) =3

I cant wait to get my paws on it as a lot of you also might do, i will keep an eye open, and i will try to stay informed about this soon public going project.

I should also mention that as soon as the code becomes public , i will implement it and you will then able to find it in the next Release :)

For those that want to read the blog post of Linden Labs
Second Life Blog - Material System


  1. Fuck yeah! 8 years waiting to get a feature that was "there" a way before. They really too their time. I cant wait to test. Arent any closed beta or something? I never get invited to stuff like that D;

    Thanks for letting us know ;)

    PS: Since you write your blog in english, you ever considered configuring this blog to english in blogger options? Sometimes I get a bit confused with "veröffentlichen" and "Vorschau" X3

    1. didnt know its German for everyone else aswell, will have a look at that now.

  2. Sadly i fear the worst!
    I mean Linden LAb is loosing to much money really fast and they need to cut down server costs, so they have to stack more regions on a cpu and they are using lames excuses like sculpted rendering costs and so on!
    Now its another lame excuse, cause we all know, no matter what, prims allow more detail then any mesh and plus, they allow any to build in World!
    So i guess soon no way to build in SL, no way to travel or do any but be on a sky box and try to chat

    1. uhm ...yea... actually LL is not loosing money , they are getting money... alot...

    2. Do you realize that a prim is really a mesh? And not, they dont allow more detail :/ Asides of that, LL doesnt removed prims from SL, they still there like always. I dont know why people is so afraid of new changes. Probably is just the ignorance of not being able to build with new tools, but hey!, everyone can learn.

      BTW, LL isnt loosing money. Yes, some regions were down, and some other news when up. And Im sure that most money that LL make isnt from SIMs at all. Just looking the amount of items that are for sale and the taxes that LL get from them, they must get a way a lot of money from that.

  3. http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2012/08/opensim-passes-200-grid-milestone/
    For how long i can ask?
    I'm in world 6h daily and i can see its users decreasing!
    the worst id that i feel that Second Life has no meaning to its owners and they want it rather going down then listen!
    If now why the roll out done as they did it, that manage to scew land Barons, Buildrd and users alike.
    Cause, if I use Niran's and so i have much less problems, majority of users still use those terrible viewers full of gadgets that onl,y make all worse!