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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kirstens S21 Build 8 RC1 finally!

Yay finally RC1 got released (after KL teased me with the Release beeing on Monday (at Sunday evening....) i´ve updated my Mod to work along with it aswell and will upload it in a few minutes ,it only contains fixing for RC1 Build 8 and all its new Features and changes (hopefully) next release will be a bit more bugfixing again and maybe some major changes in UI and HOPEFULLY I start to finish my other skins soon (evil Niran doesnt do his work....)

Download as always on my Sourceforge Page

Oh and i updated the Changelog at the right side , aswell as i will do for the Sourceforge Changelog with the upload...

So... uhm... 3D n Stuff.... ENJOY it... because i cant , i dont have 3D glasses...

NiranV Dean

Oh and congratz to this ultra sexy and super cute Furry that has drawn my attention for about an hour in which i was busy making snapshots of her all the time :3

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